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The Prana Vashya™ Series of Postures

Class of 2016 (Mysuru, India)

The first Prana Vashya Yoga™ Sequence (‘the Primary Series’) is taught by Damian at the Prana Vashya Yoga Studio in Leicester on a Wednesday morning at 6.30 am. This class is for intimate to advanced yoga practitioners. The evening classes (from 6.30 pm) are fairly relaxed by comparison.

The main goal of the sequence of postures which make up the Primary Series, is to increase flexibility and reduce the stress on the foundation of the body’s structure. The Primary Series therefore begins with a sequence of standing postures that are designed to improve the muscles that support the pelvic and shoulder regions. The pelvic and shoulder regions, which are mainly responsible for providing the body with strength and stamina, are trained to behave independently. Training your muscles to work independently reduces your body’s reliance on the stabilising muscles (which, when fatigued, transfer the load to the available joint causing strain and injury). The yoga sequence therefore begins by creating flexibility and strength in the shoulder and pelvic regions strengthening the associated limbs.

If, for example, you have (or develop) any problems in any of the joins of the legs (ankles, knees, hips) so that they do not function properly then the pelvic region bears the strain which eventually leads to weakness in the lower back or lumbar spine disorders. Strengthening the muscles that support the pelvic region will allow you increased capacity to work without getting tired. This reduces strain on the pelvic region during work.

Practising any physical yoga postures (‘yoga asana’) creates an artificial and stressful situation. By stabilising the breath during this physical and dynamic practice the nervous system is trained to resist stress and the mind is able to focus for longer. Keeping the breath constant and in rhythm during physical activity demands psychological strength to control the breath. This helps you face life in a confident way.

The Primary Series also includes an arm balancing sequence of postures to strengthen the arms and reduce strain on the shoulder joints. The back-bending sequence of postures aims to reduce rigidity in the strengthened shoulder area by increasing its flexibility. This sequence also activates the back extensor muscles (preparing you for the forward bending sequence which increases flexibility in the back) and develops strength in the waist and lumber region. This developed strength in the waist and lumber region will help you remain confident in every work you do. The stronger the waistline and core muscles are, the more confident you can feel about yourself.

The Prana Vashya Yoga Studio in Leicester 2019

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