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Yoga Sutra 1.15

A little look at the first Yoga Sutra …

Yoga sutra 1.15

dṛṣṭa-anuśravika-viṣaya-vitṛṣṇasya vaśīkāra-saṁjṇā vairāgyam

Mastery of detachment is attained when, with full awareness, you drop the desire for sensory objects and perceived subtler enjoyments.

The mind becomes easily distracted by ‘sensory objects’ which are perceived through your sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste. Consider the powerful effect advertising can have on you. Ultimately this indulgence of sensory pleasure may be indicative of a lack of inner bliss.

On a more subtle level, the mind becomes easily distracted by objects ‘perceived or revealed’ like objects from the experiences of others, like through scriptures.

When you no longer have an interest in these things, and you become fully conscious, you have achieved the highest level of detachment.

Damian Cadman-Jones is an authorised teacher of Prana Vashya Yoga™

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