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Past life healing therapy

Damian Cadman-Jones successfully completed his Past Life Healing Therapist Training at Mumuksha Centre for Transformation (Mysore, India) in 2015.  Such training imparts the very essence of the wisdom from the ancient sages (or saints) of India, like Osho.

Damian was introduced to Osho’s teachings and techniques by B. Nagakumar who runs the Mumuksha Centre for Transformation and was accepted into the order of Osho sannyasins.

Past life healing therapy

The soul or spirit, as it is also known, is deathless and indestructible; it undertakes countless journeys via countless lives through time and space until it unifies with the Supreme in eternal bliss. Your body is a vessel for the soul through which it can experience and learn and ultimately unify with the Supreme. The life you live could play a significant part in the evolution of your soul.

Your sole brings memories and emotions from past lives carrying them forward into your present life. These memories and emotions are frequently negative and can present themselves as present day blockages, phobias, anxieties, illnesses, injuries, etc.

Past life healing therapy is a technique that enables you to revisit the lives in which you experienced the events that left behind negative memories and emotions and manifest as problems in your present life. So instead of looking at the time in your life when an issue presents itself (be it adolescence, childhood, etc.) you go back to the life in which the problem originated. In so doing, you address the root cause of the issue and the negative emotions. Having understood this, you can let go of the emotions that have been carried over from past lives and heal yourself.

Damian conducts past life healing sessions for those who wish to benefit from this therapy. Each session starts with an issue that the person undergoing the session wishes to address, and then goes on to connect with the life in which the issue originated. Each session typically lasts about two to three hours and costs £60.  

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Past Life Healing

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