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The first of three variations to this arm balancing sequence …

Ananthasana a.k.a “Side Plank Pose” is an advanced arm balancing pose and requires good shoulder and wrist strength to hold the posture. This is the first of three variations to this arm balancing position in Prana Vashya™ Yoga.

How to get into the position

From plank pose / a press-up position, simply switch the weight onto your right palm and stack your left leg on top of your right leg and keeping your heels together, placing your left palm on your left hip (keeping your elbow pointed towards the sky). Align your entire body in one straight line.

There is a tendency for the hip to collapse, so keep your bottom hip active and your head lifted up (fixing your vision point on the floor).

Hold Ananthasana for five full breaths. On each inhalation, breath into your chest. On each exhalation, square your hips so your elbow is pointing to the sky.



  • Improves focus and balance

  • Strengthens the arms, abs and legs

Contraindications and Cautions

Avoid this posture if you have any issues with your wrist(s), elbow(s) and shoulder(s).

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