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How do I practice mindfulness?

Real mindfulness is how you live your life ...

We have all heard that awareness or mindfulness (vipashyana or shamata in Sanskrit) can bring inner peace. But how to practice mindfulness? One way, for sure, is yoga. Dynamic forms of yoga (like Prana Vashya™ Yoga) emphasise joining movement to breath. Mindfulness when practicing yoga asana, then, is moment to moment awareness of everything your body is doing in time with the breath. Such awareness can be transferred into your daily life as you learn to control your attention.

Attention is like a spotlight and what your mind throws light upon shapes your brain. Developing greater control over attention is the single most powerful way to reshape your brain and therefore your mind.

To act with awareness in your daily life is to practice being mindful of all the things that you use to torture yourself with on a daily basis. For example, becoming mindful by abandoning your expectations about the way you think things should be and what others may think of you. By regularly practicing yoga, like Prana Vashya™ Yoga with its unique emphasis on breath, you begin to develop awareness about the way things really are. This helps the mind to transcend, or settle beyond thought, into silence and, ultimately, unconditional happiness / enlightenment.

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