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Supta Konasana

Suptha Konasana also called 'reclined bound angel pose'

Supta Konasana a.k.a. ‘sleeping angle pose’ is a restorative / finishing posture.

How to get into the position

Starting in Karnapidasana a.k.a. ‘ear pressure pose’ (see the following link for how to get into this position:, inhale and grasp your big toes with your first two fingers and thumb, taking the toes with your hands and split your legs apart.

Then exhale and extend your knees. On every subsequent inhalation, expand your abdomen and lift your chest. On every subsequent exhalation, try to move your feet to the floor extending your knees. Ensure you sit back and take the weight of the body into your shoulders.

Hold the position for five full breaths.


  • Stimulates the thyroid gland, helping with metabolic problems and improving digestion.

  • Helps to increase your concentration levels

  • Tones your legs

Contraindications and Cautions

Avoid this position if you have any serious neck or spine injury including disc degeneration or herniation.

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