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The Metta Bhavana mediation technique

Love & kindness meditation

Yoga, Pranayama, Past Life Healing Therapy, etc. are aids to meditation/self-discovery and not a substitute for the same. The more commitment you have to healing yourself, the easier it is to go deeper into mediation.

Metta Bhavana means ‘loving-kindness energy’. There are five stages to the Metta Bhavana meditation.

In the first stage, you feel metta energy for yourself. You start by becoming aware of yourself and your breathing and thoughts, and allowing yourself to focus on feelings of peace, calm, and tranquillity. Then you let these grow into feelings of self-confidence and love deep within your heart. Then repeat the mantra: “may I be well; may I be happy” and continue embracing the positive feelings about yourself.

In the second stage think of a good friend. Bring them to mind as clearly as you can and think of their good qualities. Feel your special connection with this good friend of yours and the positive feelings that result and encourage this metta energy for your good friend to grow by repeating the mantra: “may they be well; may they be happy” quietly to yourself.

Then in the third stage, think of someone you do not particularly like or dislike. It may be a work colleague or someone else with whom you regularly see around and your feelings are ‘neutral’ towards them. You send them your positive metta energy repeating the mantra: “may they be well; may they be happy”.

Then in the fourth stage, think of someone you actually dislike — an enemy; failing that, think of someone who dislikes you. Do not get hung up on any feelings of hatred. Just picture them as clearly as you can and include them in your positive metta energy, repeating the mantra: “may they be well; may they be happy”.

In the final stage, first of all you think of all four people together — yourself, the friend, the neutral person, and the enemy. Then see yourself standing in front of these four people and see your metta energy as a diamond white light coming from your chest. See that diamond white light surround all four people and extend your positive metta energy to all four people. Then see the diamond white metta energy extending further outwards – filing the whole room, then the whole house, then your neighbours houses and the entire neighbourhood and throughout the world. Then gently come out of the meditation, open your eyes and familirise yourself with where you are. You may wish to sit in silence for ten minutes or so.

Damian Cadman-Jones is an authorised teacher of Prana Vashya Yoga™.

Tel: 0777-900-1896

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