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Understanding Sound therapy

Sound waves have various healing effects on the body; on a cellular level, promotes calmness of mind, in modern medicine e.g. ultrasound, etc., etc. A Sound Bath session offers a collection of singing bowls and shamanic instruments to create a plethora of curing vibrations to immerse yourself in.

Singing bowls have been long understood to promote the positive effect of sound healing. They work as the bowls are made up of differing composite metals to resonate at different frequencies which help align your body’s chakras i.e. your body’s energy centres.

For thousands of years Sanskrit mantras have been recited to help balance the chakras. The ancient art of sound healing works in a similar way but on a much deeper level.

At the Prana Vashya Yoga™ Studio (Queens Road, Leicester) we host Sound Bath sessions most Sundays. We combine our unique Modern Shamanistic Sound Bath with Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) to help calm the mind and body through a guided sound scape journey; promoting holistic healing.

Many of the positive effects/experiences that are experienced are:

Relief & decrease from - Anxiety, stress/worry, panic, depression, pessimistic/negative thought patterns, insomnia and many other negative aspects of self.

Increase in - Positive mood, deep recovery sleep, relaxation, focus, love, gratitude, appreciation, body


Wow. . .iv just felt so happy and positive all week. . like a super bubbly new me! – Kristen

I had the most solid nights sleep in years followed by good sleep all week (a rarity) felt so calm and relaxed. Brilliant! – Jean

That was incredible!! You really do more than just hear and feel the sound, like a sixth sensory perception – Mary

I had a really tough stressful week and it seems to have all just gone away and replaced with a peaceful state of being. Very impressed! - P.N.

Love this!! Its really helping me manage my stress and anxiety and iv found I'm becoming a much more positive person and life all round is improving as a result. thank you…for introducing this to my world! - Roxy

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