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Viparita Veerabhadrasana

An interesting variation to the standing sequence of postures …

Viparita Veerabhadrasana aka ‘reverse warrior pose’. This yoga position gets its name from the great warrior Virabhadra; incarnation of Shiva.

How to get into the position

Starting in Veerabhadrasana A (so from standing at the top of your yoga mat, with your feet apart by 3-4 feet and your arms extended; level with your shoulders. Turn your right foot to the right by 90 degrees and turn your left foot to the right by about 45 degrees so that both of your feet are turned right. Then, square your chest and hips forward and bend your right knee so that the thigh is at a right angle to the floor).

As you inhale, turn the palm of your right hand to face the ceiling and lift your right arm up to the ceiling (your right bicep should be next to your right ear). At the same time lower your left hand and slide it down your left leg. Then, exhale and lift your chest as you come into a gentle backbend. Fix your vision point on your raised hand.

Hold this position for five full breaths.


Viparita Veerabhadrasana:

  • Reduces fatigue and helps calm the mind;

  • Improves flexibility in the spine, inner thighs, ankles, and chest; and

  • Strengthens and stretches the legs, groins, hips, and torso and waist.


Avoid this posture if you any serious issues with your hips, back or shoulders.

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