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The benefits of spinal twist positions

Regular practice of yoga asanas (postures) that bring a twisting influence to the spine have many benefits.

Twisting postures release tension from the posterior extensor muscles (i.e. the collection of muscles in your back that support you when you stand and help you when you lift an object). In so doing, the twisting postures also help a practitioner retain whatever flexibility has been gained in preceding postures (like forward bending and back bending positions).

The sequence of twisting postures in Prana Vashya™ is also designed to remove the negative influence of air. Air is obviously a good thing when present in your lungs. However, when air is present in, for example, the gastrointestinal line, it is considered to be toxic.

The gastrointestinal line (“the GI Line”) is the pathway from the mouth to the oesophagus, through to the stomach, then down the small and large intestines and to the rectum. Air can get trapped anywhere along the GI Line. Once air has been in the body for 4 hours or more, it becomes apanic air (i.e. dead air) and is a toxin to the body. Twisting postures help to remove apanic air, so you will gain better freedom in the GI Line. This results in better digestion and metabolism and you will be much less likely to develop any spinal issues in later life.

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