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Stresses, strains & injuries ...

What gives the body energy (?); food and water? But you can eat and drink sufficiently and yet still develop stresses and strains after a hard day’s work or after a session down the gym or whatever. Why, then, does this happen if food and water alone are sufficient to provide us with energy to work without stress or strain?

A regular practice of Prana Vashya Yoga™ will work the muscle groups in your body independently and support their independent behaviour. This way muscles support the joints and tendons. By training the muscle groups to work independently, they naturally develop stamina. If a muscle group lacks the necessary stamina to cope with the demand being put on them then they will become fatigued. Fatigued muscles cease to work and shift the load/weight into the nearest available joint. The body’s joints are not supposed to take the load/weight without the support of the muscles. The joint will then become strained. The body will then stiffen the next day. This is because the brain recognises the stress or strain put on the body and therefore stiffens the body to protect it from further like harm.

Training the muscles to work independently through regular practice of yoga asana, increases flexibility which reduces stresses on the foundation of the body’s structure. In addition, by stabilising the breath when exercising (something which is very much emphasised in Prana Vashya Yoga™) this trains the nerves to resist stress formed in the activity. This skill can be easily transferred into daily life, preparing us to face life in a confident way. This has an obvious effect on mental well-being.

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