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Yoga Sutra 1.20

A little look at the first Yoga Sutra …

Yoga Sutra 1.20

śraddhā-vīrya-smṛti samādhiprajñā-pūrvaka itareṣām

People who are not born with the capacity to attain the highest level of samadhi should first cultivate faith, vitality, loyalty in their engagement and spiritual wisdom gained from mediation practice

If you wish to attain samadhi/ or enlightenment (the final limb of the 8 limbs of yoga), you must begin by attaining and developing certain qualities:

  1. Confidence and trust (śraddhā) A deep, unshakable conviction is necessary.

  2. Single minded determination (vīrya). Strength of commitment and whole-hearted effort to burn away any obstacles.

  3. Faith in your teachings (smṛti). Such faith fosters an inner sense of direction based on the experience and evidence we gain as our yoga practice builds and develops.

  4. Experience of wisdom (prajñā) through mediative absorption (samādhi). Attaining such a level of awareness is a continuous process of practice of mental focus, deep absorption, and contemplation.

Thus, the above is a four-fold guide to living life to the fullest.

Damian Cadman-Jones is an authorised teacher of Prana Vashya Yoga™

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