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Yoga Sutra 2.05

A little look at the second Yoga Sutra

Yoga sutra 2.05

anitya-asuci-duhkha-anatmasu nitya-suci-sukha-atmakhyatih-avidya

Misapprehension is to take the temporary for the eternal, the impure from the pure, suffering for pleasure, the trivial for the essential

The confusion Patanjali addresses here is not only about minor details, but also fundamental values. If you perceive the temporary (anitya) as permanent (nitya) then you risk your health and/or integrity until disease or injury occurs. For example, sugar can be a substitute for love, confusing pleasure and suffering, and such over-eating can have adverse health effects on the body. Therefore, such confusion/distorted vision is a source of suffering (duhkha).

Damian Cadman-Jones is an authorised teacher of Prana Vashya Yoga™

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