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Yoga Sutra 2.27

Yoga sutra 2.27

tasya saptadhā prānta-bhūmiḥ prajñā

That process of clarity and wisdom is cultivated gradually in seven stages

The reference to seven stages infers that the journey is long, however, Patanjali does not explain any further. Other commentators explore this simple statement in various ways; including as follows:

  • Be aware of suffering and study yourself in order to understand how suffering can be avoided in the future. This also includes the ability to look inward instead of continuously pointing to external factors as a cause.

  • Recognise the sources of suffering, understanding “why” things cause pain in your life. What opinion do you have of yourself?

  • Set goals and act, as things needs to change to end suffering. Reflection, though necessary, is not enough. Action is required in order for transformation to occur.

  • Formulate a strategy with the above goals in mind; learn what you are doing before it is done. This requires careful and frequent observation. With the correct tools, you can experience profound internal changes. “Doing” becomes less important than “letting go” and changing the opinion you have of yourself.

Damian Cadman-Jones is an authorised teacher of Prana Vashya Yoga™

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