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Chanting; the swasti bhavatu mantra

Chanting is an ancient practice applied in Prana Vashya Yoga™. When you chant mantras, your mind relaxes which decreases any negative thoughts or stress. In addition, your body relaxes as your cardiac function improves causing blood pressure to lower to an optimal level. Scientists have observed this using an electroencephalograph which measures the body’s Alpha rhythm (i.e. the regular electrical oscillations that occur in the human brain when you are awake and relaxed). As a result, you feel energised and you experience cheerfulness after only 10 minutes chanting.

Vocal vibrations are therefore powerful healing tools. The following short mantra is ideal. Set out below is the Sanskrit together with a translation into English. For pronunciation of the Sanskrit try YouTube.

Sarvesham swasti bhavatu May there be well-being for all

Sarvesham shanti bhavatu May there be peace for all

Sarvesham purnam bhavatu May there be wholeness for all

Sarvesham mangalam bhavatu May there be blessings for all

Damian Cadman-Jones is an authorised teacher of Prana Vashya Yoga™.

Tel: 0777-900-1896

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