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Yoga Sutra 3.13

A little look at the third Yoga Sutra

etena bhūta-indriyeṣu dharma-lakṣaṇa-avasthā-pariṇāmā vyākhyātāḥ

In this way, change is essential, secondary and temporary characteristics in the elementary and sensory world are explained

The last few sūtras described how your mind can gradually change from distraction and agitation to calmness and focus. This sūtra emphasises that all things go through a process of transformation.  Transformation can apply on three levels to:

  1. dharma – modifications in the essential characteristics. Your essential qualities will determine how change occurs in your life.  The seeds in an apple core have the potential to become an apple tree; they will never bear any other type of fruit. 

  2. lakṣaṇa – modifications in the secondary attributes, i.e., external factors like the environment you are in will also determine how you change. The same apple seeds will ore likely grow into an apple tree and bear fruit if tendered too by an experienced gardener who will allow the plant the correct light, the right amount of nutrients, the correct amount of water, good drainage, etc.

  3. avasthā – modifications in the temporary characteristics, e.g., timing is essential as a determining factor for change.  If an experienced gardener planted out an apple tree sapling, s/he would not expect it to bear fruit in the first year! 

Damian Cadman-Jones is an authorised teacher of Prana Vashya Yoga™










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